Welcome to Mail Me Chocolates LLC


Local to the Oshkosh area we celebrated many of life's milestones and holidays with Hughes' chocolates. It is heartwarming that we can offer you and your loved ones the same traditions and memories regardless of where life has taken you. Many of our patrons return year after year to send a little love and chocolate to family, friends, and of course treat themselves too!

Just like Hughes' we are also a small family business. Mail Me Chocolates started as a hobby entrepreneurship in September of 2005 when I was granted permission to mail these exclusive, local, Hughes' chocolates. Here, we like to give that personal touch and really listen to your nostalgic memories or your story of how you have recently come to know these delectable treats and what it means to you. Since 2005 I work my full-time job to return home and process your orders, read your messages, and answer your questions 6-11pm everyday. It has been awe-inspiring to hear how meaningful Hughes' chocolates are to each of you.


We would like to let you know that each year Hughes' provides us with a set allotment of chocolates. Once they are shipped out, we are not allotted additional boxes. Here, at Mail Me Chocolates, we exclusively ship Hughes' chocolates that we have been alloted, so we would only be able to help you with shipping your order based on what's available on our website.

We work diligently around the clock to process your order and ship it out as soon as possible. Keeping in mind that we return for a second shift after a full day's work to addressing your orders from 6pm, sometimes until midnight.


Hughes' Home Maid Chocolates, LTD has been in business since 1942. It is now into its third generation of candy makers. Everything is made in and sold out of the basement of the original Hughes' home in Oshkosh, WI. Only the best ingredients are used to make the centers of the candy and the recipes have remained the same since the business began.


Wonderful Service

This is the best service. Everything comes so fast and in perfect condition and the best chocolate ever made. I can depend on it getting here for gifts when I need it for friends. If we don't eat it first. I just need to make sure that I do not order before a weekend or a Monday Holiday as it takes a little longer to get so it does not sit in a ware house I am Thankful for that. Thank You so much for the great shipping and the way it comes packed is wonderful. I love that the packing peanuts that can be put in water and melted so I don't have a mess all over the place trying to get rid of them. Excellent Service. All of my orders have been exactly as ordered. Thank You again.

Deb M.

Family Tradition

I remember my very much adored in-laws giving me my 1st box of Hughes over 18 yrs. ago. Dad took joy doing all the Xmas shopping. Every yr. each woman in the family got a box of Hughes at Xmas.

They've retired in Phoenix now so I've taken over sending Hughes. I discovered, much to my surprise, both Dad + Mom fight over theirs when it arrives.
This yr. I've ordered each their own boxes.lol
No more bickering!!!

Marty Hoth


My parents raised 8 kids and it was a big treat to go to Hughes Candy in Oshkosh and go downstairs to pick out chocolates...Thanks Dad and Mom for such wonderful childhood memories!
I now live in Alaska and it is tradition for someone to mail me Hughes chocolates for Christmas.
The last time I came to Wisconsin for a visit, I was able to take my two youngest children, ages 12 and 14 to Hughes to buy our Easter chocolate...it was so fun to stand in line and go down the stairs; for the kids to see everyone working so hard and choosing our Easter treats!!!
A wonderful business and I am now ordering my chocolates to get send up to Alaska for Easter :)

if there was a place to add a photo, I would :)

Karen Kuble

The toffee is fairly famous around my house!

The toffee is the best thing that Hughes' makes. My Aunt Pat sends me a box every Christmas and it is my favorite gift. I don't eat chocolate all year long until my toffee comes in the mail! The box keeps getting bigger every year, since my friends have now discovered the toffee and they gobble it all up right away when it arrives. It is fairly famous around my house!

Kristin Mory


I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Hawaii. I really miss Hughes chocolates so I decided to order myself an assortment of treats. They arrived in perfect condition, packed and shipped extremely well. There was no melting whatsoever as there was an ice pack in the box. I am so glad that I found this website and will continue to order the best candy around for me and my friends. Thanks so much for the great candy and the great service!! A+++++

Kristi Kemp


This is the best place to order my Hughes Chocolates! I ordered a couple different times and have been very happy. Michelle is wonderful. I had a lost pkg and she got right on it and made sure I had another box express mail to insure delivery by Christmas. I definitely will be a return customer.

Denise farhat